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    A helping hand

    Reporter: Today on Global Citizen we interview Mai and Phuc from Hai Ba Trung School. Hi Mai, could you tell us about community service? 

    Mai: It's the work you do for the benefits of the community. 

    Reporter: Have you ever done volunteer work? 

    Mai: Yes. I'm a member of Be a Buddy - a programme that helps street children. Last year we provided evening classes for fifty children. 

    Reporter: Wonderful! What else have you done? 

    Mai: We've asked people to donate books and clothes to the children. 

    Reporter: Wow, that certainly makes a difference... And you Phuc, you're from Go Green? 

    Phuc: Yes, it's a non-profit organisation that protects the environment. We've encouraged people to recycle glass, cans, and paper. We've cleaned streets and lakes... 

    Reporter: Did you start a community garden project last month? 

    Phuc: Oh yes, so far we've planted... 


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