Sách giáo khoa - Lớp 7

    Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 2: HEALTH - Project

    In groups, write questions for a survey about people’s health problems in your school or community.        



    1. Write the questions.
    2. Collect the answers from the survey.
    3. Find out what health problems are most popular.
    4. Present your findings to the class.


    Gợi ý:



    1. Do you care about your health?

    a. very much

    b. normally

    c. not at all


    2. Among these activities, what activities do you do most often? Circle them.

    a. playing football

    b. gardening

    c. cycling

    d. fishing

    e. listening to music


    3. How much do you know about calories?

    a. Very much.

    b. Not much.

    c. Nothing at all.


    4. Which activities requires a lot of calories? Can you choose three activities that requires the most calories?

    a. watching tv

    b. running

    c. playing football

    d. sleeping


    5. What health problems have you ever had?


    6. What are the tips for a healthy life according to you?


    7. Do you know some food which is good/ bad for your health?

    Healthy food: ...............

    Unhealthy food: .......................


    8. In your opinion, do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?

    a. Yes

    b. No


    1. Structure of a presentation

    Introduction: greeting the audience, introducing themselves and the topic

    Main body: presenting the main points (students can build up the main points by answering the questions and organising the answers in a logical way)

    Conclusion: summarising the main points, inviting questions from the audience  and thanking the audience for listening.

    2. Useful language


    - Greeting (Hello/ Hi/ Good morning/ Good afternoon)

    - Introducing themselves (My name is…. These are my team members: ……)

    - Introducing the topic (Today we are going to talk about…/ Have you ever thought about…?/ Have you ever seen…?/ Have a look at this picture. It shows…/ How does the picture make you feel?)

    Main body

    - Presenting the main points (Firstly/ Secondly/ Another point is…/ In addition…)


    - Summarising the main points (To sum up/ To conclude/ In short/ All in all…)

    - Inviting questions (Are there any questions?/ Does anyone want to know more about…?/ Feel free to ask us anything./ Is there anything you would like to ask?...)

    - Thanking the audience (Thank you/ Thanks for listening/ Thanks for your time./ Thank you for your attention…)


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