Sách giáo khoa - Lớp 10

    Tiếng Anh lớp 10 unit 10: Ecotourism - Project

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    1. Work in groups of 8 to 10. Carry out a survey to find out who in your group has been on an eco tour and who has never been on one. Use the following survey table as a guide.

    (Làm việc theo nhóm từ 8 - 10 người. Tiến hành khảo sát tìm ra ai trong nhóm em từng đi du lịch sinh thái và ai chưa từng đi. Sử dụng bảng khảo sát sau đây như là một hướng dẫn.)

    Student's name Has been on an eco tour Has never been on an eco tour
    Where? When? Enjoyed it? Wants to go? If yes, where? If no, why?

    2. Present your group's findings to the whole class.

    (Trình bày tìm tòi của nhóm cho cả lớp.)



    Teachers should instruct students how to give a presentation. 

    1. Structure of a presentation

    • Introduction: greeting the audience, introducing themselves and the topic

    • Main body: presenting the main points (students can build up the main points by answering the questions and organising the answers in a logical way)

    • Conclusion: summarising the main points, inviting questions from the audience  and thanking the audience for listening.

    2. Useful language

    • Introduction

    - Greeting (Hello/ Hi/ Good morning/ Good afternoon)

    - Introducing themselves (My name is…. These are my team members: ……)

    - Introducing the topic (Today we are going to talk about…/ Have you ever thought about…?/ Have you ever seen…?/ Have a look at this picture. It shows…/ How does the picture make you feel?)

    • Main body

    • Presenting the main points (Firstly/ Secondly/ Another point is…/ In addition…)

    • Conclusion

    - Summarising the main points (To sum up/ To conclude/ In short/ All in all…)

    - Inviting questions (Are there any questions?/ Does anyone want to know more about…?/ Feel free to ask us anything./ Is there anything you would like to ask?...)

    - Thanking the audience (Thank you/ Thanks for listening/ Thanks for your time./ Thank you for your attention…)


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